Selimiye is a peaceful fishing village that seems to flow along a stunning bay, just along the coast from Turgutkoy and Orhaniye. It now has a new public quay and seaside boardwalk so it is a perfect place to have a walk and explore the many restaurants and quaint shops dotted around the village. You can enjoy a delicious meal next to the crystal-clear blue waters, or explore the historical ruins of three castles from the ancient city of Hydas. The beautiful region around Selimiye is also renowned for its rich harvest of almonds and fragrant herbs such as oregano and sage, as well as its famous, delicious pine honey. Discover the old village jail that is now a ruin, built on a small island in the middle of the bay.

In many ways Selimiye on the Bozburun Peninsula is the jewel in the crown of the Bozburun Peninsula, Turkey. For many years a favourite destination for discerning Istanbul visitors, now getting more popular with visitors from all around the world.

The nearest airport to Selimiye is Dalaman, which is about two and a half hours drive by car. Next nearest one is Bodrum, which is about another 30 minutes drive by car. The nearest city to Selimiye is bustling Marmaris, which has great shopping and some of the liveliest night life in Turkey.

Compared to Marmaris, Selimiye is a small resort, strung out along a stunning bay. In town you will find a number of quality art and craft shops for souvenirs of your visit to Selimiye.

Many people arrive in Selimiye by yacht or gulet. The town has a strong local reputation for traditional wooden boat building, so on the road into the town you will pass several boat yards where you will see massive wooden gulets being built in time-intensive traditional methods. Also look out for fresh figs, almonds and other goodies that you can buy from the small local shops. Selimiye is a wonderful place to retreat from the pressures of modern life.


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